Let's meet at Kafka Summit in New York,

so you can go from raw Kafka data to analytics results in milliseconds.

This Kafka Summit, it's time you learned about Blaze.

As the only SQL-based streaming analytics provider that can add stream 
processing and data wrangling capabilities to your Kafka data, we say
we should talk.

Best if you:

  • Use existing database and data warehouse investments and need to reduce hardware requirements up to 50x
  • Could use a shorter app development time (how about a few minutes?)
  • Have to scale performance to millions of records per second per CPU core with 1-5 millisecond latency
  • Need to run operations concurrently and continuously, without interrupting execution. 
So come say hi, learn why we're so fly (data don't lie), and get a piece 
of this pie
(well, not exactly, but you will be entered in our raffle).

Interested? Drop your info below
and we'll hook you up with a private, 1-1 demo.